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What is the Esington Glass?

If you've tried a timeboxing system and the habit didn't stick, it’s because most systems ignore the activation energy required to cement a habit into place. The Esington Glass is designed to lower that activation threshold to the minimum amount by stimulating your senses of touch, sound, and sight, through one rotation of the glass.
For the next 25 minutes, the peaceful sound of millions of solid steel nano-spheres dancing around the glass engages the brain to become hyper-focused. With no hard stops, beeps, or chimes after the time is up, you can continue to work until you are ready for the next burst.
If you're not using a timeboxing system, this is the perfect way to start. The Esington Glass is the best way to power up your productivity in an elegant and beautiful package. It’s time to get your life started on the right track. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with the Esington Glass.

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Soothing White Noise

Millions of steel nanospheres produce a soothing white noise. Here's what it sounds like on different surfaces: