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Timeline updates, with pictures!

March 29, 2015 2 min read

I hope everybody had an awesome week!

I wanted to give you a quick timeline update and just let you know how everything is progressing. From the original timeline:

  • DONE!   February 12th: first batch production completed 
MINIs being tagged
MINIs being tagged
In the box, ready to go
In the box, ready to go
First batch headed for the airport
First batch headed for the airport

My plan is to fly in this first batch to get them asap. After that, we will perform quality tests here to make sure the glasses you get are of top quality. 

Once a factory has gained my trust with quality, I will have them shipped directly to Amazon, who will then pack them and ship them out in the most efficient way possible. They are the best in the world at shipping logistics.  They actually contacted me because they are very interested in having the Esington glass in their marketplace.

The first air flight available out of the factory is February 18th, which unfortunately puts us a couple of days behind.  I misjudged how long the wait would be for space on a plane.  On a more positive note, I recently got educated in the ways of mass shipments thanks to Kate Matsudaira (of the spark notebook project). Her team shipped out 5250 notebooks in 30 hours! She also happens to be a backer of this project. Thanks Kate! Applying her learnings to our first shipment certainly makes me feel better about getting it done on time.

Our first shipment should reach about 550 backers (out of 2272).  I will send you an email with tracking information once your package has been shipped out.  The second batch is already underway. I've also started a 3rd batch in parallel at a 2nd factory. This is how I see the timeline at this moment:

  • February 19th: first batch arrives here, and we begin QA, boxing and shipping 
  • 2nd batch begins production (already underway)
  • 3rd (final) batch begins production (already underway)
  • February 23rd: first batch shipment complete

I am using all of my power to get these to you with the best quality and as quickly as possible. All I can think about is how great it will be to hear your stories about how the glass has helped you and your loved ones!

One last note: as promised, I've removed the MINI Trio add-on from esington.com and have raised the prices to $59 for the medium and $249 for the large. Currently, my plan is to continue the price increases until they are closer to the $80/$400 retail.  If you wanted to add to your original order at the kickstarter prices, please contact me directly before your shipment goes out!

Have a great weekend!