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About Us

Esington's mission is to bring you personal productivity in a beautiful way.

In 2014, founder Rudy Marsh designed Esington's first product, the Esington Glass, to combat his own lifelong battle with procrastination. Rudy has a BS in physics from the University of Texas at Dallas and has worked as a systems admin for SAP and a product manager for Zynga and Gene by Gene in recent years.

Rudy lives in the suburbs of Houston and spends every second of his spare time with his beautiful wife Rose and son Insar.

Esington Was Born on Kickstarter

The Esington Glass was one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time, rising to #1 in Design in 2015.

The Esington Glass is the pinnacle of functional design. It's the simplest way to power up your productivity in an elegant and beautiful package. Each Esington Glass is filled with millions of solid steel nanospheres which produce a wonderful visual effect as they bounce chaotically around the glass producing subtle, peaceful white noise.

The Esington Method

Artisan Glass

The Esington glass is hand blown by highly skilled artisans.  Each glass is a unique piece of art. 

Soothing White Noise

Millions of steel nanospheres produce a soothing white noise. 

Why You Need the Esington Glass

If you’re not using a timeboxing system, this is the perfect way to start. The Esington Glass is simple, beautiful and will last many lifetimes. It’s time to get your life started on the right track and become somebody.  If you’ve tried a timeboxing system and never got into it, it’s because the habit didn’t stick. Other methods ignore the activation energy required to cement a habit into place.  
The Esington Glass is designed to lower that threshold to the minimum amount.  It’s a physical object with a unique sound, feel and look.  The value it brings is similar to a quality gold pen for a writer. Click here to get yours.