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Esington Inc. acquires Forge Solid, LLC

12/15/2015 The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Esington Inc. acquires startup Forge Solid, LLC for an undisclosed amount.  Forge Solid introduced the KILO cube, a solid tungsten cube that raised nearly $500,000 in an April 2015 Kickstarter project.

Esington will put the Forge Solid line of products including the KILO cube under the Esington Metals brand.  This will extend the Esington Inc. lineup to three main project areas: Esington Glass, Esington Note and Esington Metals.

"Forge Solid has a strong following with the new pet rock, their tungsten cube.  We are ecstatic to add this lineup to the newly-formed Esington Metals brand." said Rudy Marsh, CEO of Esington Inc.