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Esington Fulfilled

According to CNN, only 16% of the top kickstarter projects shipped on time. 30% were so far behind schedule that they were categorized as "never shipped". The complexities involved with production, logistics and fulfillment are incredibly overwhelming for a new creator.
Esington Fulfilled can help!
"Thank you for running such an excellent campaign. I've backed several KS projects in the past, and this one was by far the most streamlined. You made the deadlines you originally set when the project began, and you did it without sacrificing the quality of the product. If you ever start another Kickstarter campaign, or you increase your product line to offer new options, please let me know!" --Nick C.
Here's how:
  • Quality Assurance: We can guide your product from manufacturing through a rigorous QA process to ensure the best quality.
  • International manufacturing network: find a top manufacturer that can get the job done with the perfect balance of quality, speed and price.
  • Logistics: create a timeline for production, shipments, and fulfillment that you can share with your customers.
  • Fulfillment: we have international fulfillment centers and connect you with Amazon fulfillment when the volume pricing makes sense.
  • Prestige: Give your backers piece of mind with the "Esington Fulfilled" seal. Give your project the authority of "Esington Fulfilled" status, giving you a big advantage over the average Kickstarter.
We are very selective about who gets into the program.  Please email us with your project link if you are interested in Esington Fulfilled.
What people are saying about Esington:

"Thank you so much for delivering such a great product and so quickly.”
-- Jess

"I can't believe how great you handled everything. I am really impressed and grateful for putting this great idea out to the public."  
-- Vanessa C.

"My package arrived today and it had the full sized timer included.  It's absolutely amazing.  Looks great and the quality of craftsmanship is top notch."

"Like every other backer, I am extremely impressed with your level of communication and efficiency. Yours is one of the very first kickstarter projects that I backed. (only joined for about a month) And you have set a very high bar for all the rest of the projects."
--Jeff B.

"So how much hours are you sleeping per night ? ;p Superb job, so proud to have been a backer." 
-- Eric A.

"Great and continuous updates which I gladly read, transparency, a well organized manufacturing and obviously elaborate shipping too. A nice and exciting journey! This has been said numerous times, but I have to do it again. Great Work!"
-- Daniel D.

"Just want you to know, I got my product and it is awesome. Looks amazing and truly does increase productivity (my rule is no looking at my smartphone at work till the time is up). Very well done on the project all around." 
-- Chris 

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